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Insurance Publication Links

Insurance Education Links

Safety Links

  • OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) - Easy to find the standards but also FREE training programs in power point, accident recordkeeping requirements (including downloadable forms), downloadable pamphlets, free videos and DVD's, links to other sites, etc. -
  • NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) - Excellent site for FREE papers, procedures, programs on topics such as asbestos, bloodborne pathogens, chemical safety, construction safety, eye safety, heat stress, isocyanates, latex allergies, lead, metal working fluids, noise and hearing, respirators, silica, etc. -
  • Tool Box Topics – Hundreds of FREE tool box safety talks, written safety programs, power point safety programs and other information. -
  • SafetyInfo – Written safety programs, safety forms and documents, safety training, interactive safety courses, references and other safety information. Many FREE samples. -
  • Compliance Magazine – FREE subscription to this safety magazine. Safety articles & safety products. -
  • Industrial Hygiene – FREE subscription to Industrial Hygiene News. Newsletter/magazine with safety articles, products such as gas and noise monitors, ear plugs, respirators, etc. -
  • 3m Ergonomics - Excellent FREE work space ergonomics self-evaluation. Ergonomics aid products. -
  • Ergoweb – Ergonomics solutions, FREE newsletter, Ergonomics Today, with ergonomics articles, buyers guide, resources, etc. It's a non-profit organization, but you pay for the services. -
  • The National Safety Council is the premier organization for safety programs, defensive drive, safety poster services, “Safety & Health Magazine”, etc. -
  • J.J. Keller – FREE Safety Product Catalog – good for training materials, forms, etc. Good for Contractors. -
  • 1safetysource – Hundreds of FREE downloadable power point safety programs, safety products, safety posters, safety presentations, links to other safety sites. -

Fleet Safety

  • National Safety Council - Check “Resources” then check “Driving.” -
  • Network of Employers for Traffic Safety - How to start a vehicle safety program campaign. -
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Traffic safety, vehicles and equipment, cellular phone safety. -
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -
  • American Trucking Association (ATA) -

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