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What if I have an Auto Accident? Or Workers Comp Injury?
What to do if I have a Workers Compensation Injury or Auto Accident
Independent Contractor Clearance Certificate Info, Home Inventory, and more
Workers Comp Posting Notice, Auto Accident, Workers Comp Injury etc.
NCIA - What to do if ...NCIA - What to do if ... Auto AccidentNCIA - What to do if ... Workers Comp InjuryNCIA - What to do if ... Independent Contractor Clearance CertificateNCIA - What to do if ... Workers Comp Posting NoticeNCIA - What to do if ... Home InventoryNCIA - Home PageAbout NCIANCIA - Board of DirectorsContact NCIANCIA - Recommended Links
NCIA - What to do if ...
NCIA - What to do if ...
NCIA - What to do if ...
NCIA - What to do if ...
NCIA - What to do if ...
NCIA - What to do if ...
NCIA - What to do if ...



If there is ever a question what you should do, the answer should always be to contact your North Central Independent Agent (or 911 for emergencies)!

Select a topic below:
Auto Accident - Workers Compensation Injury
Independent Contractor Clearance Certificate
Workers Compensation Posting Notice - Home Inventory

Auto Accident:

  • Stop immediately. Call for police, and call for medical attention if that is needed.
  • In a safe place, secure the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any injured persons, the owners of any damaged property as well as any witnesses that might have seen the accident.
  • If there is another vehicle involved in the accident, secure the names, addresses and telephone numbers for the driver and the owner of the vehicle. Write down the make, model, license number and insurance company of the other vehicle.
  • Do not admit fault or accept responsibility for the accident. Only discuss the facts of the accident with the police, your insurance company, and your NCIA Agent.

Workers Compensation Injury:

  • Seek medical attention for the injured employee
  • Complete the attached First Report of Injury Form and submit it to your NCIA Independent Agent
  • Call your NCIA Agent with any questions you might have during this process.
Click to download form


Independent Contractor Clearance Certificate:

  • Are you an Independent Contractor?
  • Are you not required to carry workers compensation on yourself? (Sole Proprietor or Partnership without any employees)
  • Are you in the building or construction trades?
  • If so, you may be able to provide a Clearance Certificate from the State for Workers Compensation. Click on the attached link for a copy of the application and rules:

Click to download form

Workers Compensation Posting Notice:

  • The attached should be prominently posted for employees at all work places.

Click to download form

Home Inventory:

  • Speed up claim recovery by documenting what you own.
  • Video Tape your possessions
  • Go to to download inventory software

Keep checking this page for new topics and information. Do you have any ideas for topics that should go on this page. Please Contact the NCIA and we will see about adding more ideas to this page.